A Guide for Garage Door Opener Replacement

DIY Garage Door Opener Replacement

Your garage door opener may be due for replacement if it has stopped working or malfunctioned. There might be other reasons for replacement as well. However, there might be the need for replacing only a part of the opener than the unit as a whole.

Take a look at the steps involved in garage door opener replacement:


Step 1 – Determine the need of replacement

This is very important when replacing a garage door opener. Although there are a couple of openers that continue working for a very long time, new ones have various safety features that can’t be found in old doors.

For instance, there were no electric eye safety reverse features in doors made before 1993 which is a feature that makes a garage door stop going down if its light beam is broken by a child, per or any other object. If this feature isn’t found on your garage door, then you might need to replace it.

Also, if your opener is noisy, the problem might be from the chain drive unit. A replacement would be necessary if this noise is really disturbing you and you can get a newer screw or belt drive. They are both known to be much quieter than the chain drive.


Step 2 – Consider the Opener Type

If you want to purchase a replacement garage door opener, then you have to decide between the 3 major types: screw, belt, and chain drives.

Chain drives are known as the oldest technology and have a good track record that has been proven to be very reliable. However, they are very noisy but they are good for heavy doors.

The screw drive originally was supposed to be an improvement over the chain drive in terms of noise. While some people feel that they do not produce as much noise as the chain drive, others think otherwise.

The belt drive is known as the quietest among the 3. It uses a rubber belt instead of a chain to lower and raise the door.


Step 3 – Select the appropriate features

There are various features of garage door openers you would want when considering a replacement. One nice feature is the battery backup, which is found on some newer models. With this, you can use a remote to open and close the garage door, even if the there is no power in the house.

One popular feature is keyless entry pads which are mounted on the exterior door, which requires you to use a code to open and close the door. The benefit of using this feature is that you don’t need a door to get in and out of the house. If you are using a key, and you lock yourself out or even misplace your keys, then it is almost impossible to get in.


Step 4 – Decide on Installation

It is possible for a homeowner to install a replacement garage door opener but most places they are purchased also offer installation. If you are going to do it by yourself, then you need to have a good idea otherwise, contact your local garage door repair company.

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