Garage Door Spring Types – Torsion / Extension

Garage Door Spring

Like every other homeowner, you might not give much attention to your garage door until the day it breaks. Then, you will be forced to make all sorts of decisions about materials, installers and even the types of springs needed for lowering and raising your garage door safely.

What most homeowners are not aware of is that door springs are much more important than they know. There are a lot of consequences that homeowners experience such as personal injury, property damage or even death just because of negligence over selecting and safe installation of garage door spring. Of course, people have died as a result of poor installation of door springs which is why the installation should not be approached as a do-it-yourself project. Ensure to contact your local garage door company whenever you want to replace a broken garage door spring.

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Types of Garage Door Springs

Even though we have several types of garage door springs (and even sub-types), the two major ones known are the extension and torsion springs.

Let’s take a look at both of them:


  1. Extension Springs

This spring is usually found at the upper horizontal tracks on both sides of the door, extension springs are very common residential garage door spring type. These springs extend for the door to open by providing a counterbalancing force to support the door. The more force applied either by a motor or a hand, the more the extension spring expands. Every extension spring has to be paired with safety cables which are for preventing the extension spring from becoming a projectile in the event of a failure of the spring, cable or bottom bracket. Such events can actually occur at any time while the door is being in motion, closed or open. All extension springs should have safety cables installed in them.


  1. Torsion Springs

Extension springs are known to “stretch” or “extend,” but torsion springs, on the other hand, are known to use torque for raising garage doors. They can be found above the opening, torsion springs twist slowly and coil on the shaft whenever a force is applied which could be via a hand or motor.

Torsion springs come in various options which include different wire sizes and lengths. These variations have been determined specifically dependent upon the weight, height, track radius of the garage door as well as other factors.



Which Garage Door Spring is the Best Option?

Extension springs are much cheaper which makes them the garage door spring solution used in most residential construction projects. One thing that should be noted that it has many exposed parts which make them dangerous.

On the other hand, torsion springs can support more weight and go on to last longer. Also, they offer overall balance which makes it easier to open and close the garage door. Fewer parts are exposed which makes them safer to use and as a result of this, they are more expensive.

When selecting a garage door, it is highly recommended that you consult a professional garage door installer before taking any decisions.

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